Administrative Coordinator

Arora   Little Rock, AR   Full-time     Administration / Clerical
Posted on June 14, 2022
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Job Summary/Scope

The Administrative Coordinator provides organizational support by coordination/communication with ARORA’s partners to ensure medical records are shared across all necessary entities to ensure organ, tissue, and eye donation are facilitated.  Additional duties include but are not limited to medical billing, bill coding, mail distribution, maintains stock levels of administrative and break room supplies through inventory control, ordering, and stocking.  This position is additionally responsible for answering the phone and door at the LR facility and serves as backup for building maintenance, provides customer service, independent decision making, arranging travel plans for Directors and other administrative duties.

Essential Functions

  1. Responsible for requesting and obtaining medical records from Hospitals or Medical Examiner’s office for organ and tissue cases.
    1. Ensures records are uploaded into ARORA’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
    2. Ensures records are properly shared with appropriate partners.
    3. Obtains cultures and serology results on Tissue cases.
      1. Ensures results are uploaded into ARORA’s EMR.
      2. Ensures results are properly shared with appropriate partners.
    4. Ensures all reportable serology findings are reported to the Arkansas Health Department.
    5. Obtains Coroner, Autopsy, and Toxicology Reports from appropriate sources.
    6. Responsible for the database maintenance of Hospital EMR access.
      1. The database is to be keep current and include list of ARORA staff, which hospital(s) access they’ve been granted, hospital IT/EMR contact(s), and training and documentation necessary for staff to maintain access.
    7. Responsible for coding medical bills for payment. This includes associating medical billing coding to financial codes for payment.
    8. Primarily responsible for answering the main telephone and door at the Little Rock facility.
    9. Collaborates with Quality Systems and Finance departments to ensure task completion with the following
      1. Responsible for compliance as it relates to, completing health department reports, and proper medical billing coding.
    10. Responsible for office supply inventory, ordering and stocking.
    11. Responsible for distribution of office mail.
    12. Conducts data entry as required.
  1. All other duties as assigned.

Secondary Functions

  1. Backup for building maintenance.
  2. Coordinate travel and related accommodations for senior leadership, as needed.

Organizational Expectations

  1. Maintains regular and punctual attendance at assigned work location.
    1. Accurately document timekeeping records.
  2. Completes and maintains appropriate documentation in a timely and thorough manner including activities. Examples include training documentation, mileage, expenses, electronic schedule of ARORA events, and other forms.
    1. Proofs work for accuracy and completeness.
  3. Exhibits and models ARORA’s conduct standards, mission, and organizational clarity (core purpose, core values, business definition, and strategic anchors) in all job functions and interactions both internal and external to ARORA.
    1. Utilize the ARORA strategic anchors: Creating a Culture of Donation, Financially Sound and Quality during work activities and in the decision-making process.
  4. Attendance at staff meetings, training programs, and/or in-services meetings, as required.
  5. Demonstrates professional appearance, behavior and standards in all business dealings and interactions.
  6. Demonstrates professional conduct and behavior reflective of ARORA’s respect, honor, admiration and reverence for the donor and donor family.
  7. Fosters effective relationships with client representatives.
  8. With the approval of division Director, serves on national committees.
  9. Performs other duties as assigned.

Potential Risk Factors

  1. Risk Exposure to Blood/Body Fluids: While performing some essential functions of your position, you may be exposed to blood or body fluids.  Established procedures identify the appropriate personal protective measures that you should use when performing essential functions of your position.  The ARORA Safety program will provide you with the appropriate procedures and guidelines in which you should perform the essential duties of your job.  If you need additional training or resources, please see your supervisor or the ARORA Safety Officer.
  2. Repetitive Motion: While performing some essential functions of your position, you may be required to perform some functions repeatedly.  When such tasks are not performed properly, injury can result.
  3. Minimum Weightlifting Requirement: While performing some essential functions of your position, you may be required to do some lifting, moving, pushing, or pulling.  When such tasks are not performed properly, injury can result.  Must have the ability to lift minimum weight of 20 lbs.
  4. Prolonged Sitting, Standing, and Bending: While performing some essential functions of your position, you may be required to sit, stand, or bend for an extended period of time.  When such tasks are not performed properly, injury can result.  Precautions and/or equipment should be used when performing this task.
  5. Competency Evaluation: Competency evaluations are required for this position.  Your supervisor will notify you when your evaluation is to be conducted.
  6. Training: You may need additional training to better understand the performance requirements of your essential job functions.  Training classes are available and can be requested and/or assigned.  Your attendance at such classes is mandatory.

Work Environment

  1. Works in normal office environment.
  2. Infrequent to travel by personal vehicle to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  3. Required to carry a cellular telephone for business purposes.
  4. Non-smoking office.
  5. Drug Free Workplace.

Work Hours

Forty-hour workweek with occasional weekends, holidays, or evenings.

Minimum Job Requirements

  1. Requires High School Diploma or GED. 
  1. Proficiency in medical terminology, Certified Medical Assistant/Medical Transcriptionist.
  1. Maintain a valid driver’s license, reliable automobile, and proof of automobile insurance.
  2. Mastery of Microsoft Suite:  Word, Excel, and Teams.
  3. Good oral and written skills.
  4. Strong organization skills.
  1. Consistent demonstration of attention to detail, precision, accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  2. Possess strong prioritization skills and the ability to effectively manage multiple projects and tasks.
  3. Excellent problem solving, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills (i.e. has the ability to make decisions based on situational circumstance, company policy and customer relations).
  4. Ability to utilize general office equipment, software, and must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree.

Security Requirements

This position is responsible for requesting, managing and storing confidential records, and ensuring that information is protected, handled discretely and professionally, according to the recognized standards, regulations, and standards for maintaining patient, and financial records.


Little Rock , AR